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Shu-Chi Plush Restock and Updates on the Other Two Cats

· 2 min read

Dear Friends,

We're excited to announce that the Shu-Chi Plush is now back in stock! You can purchase it from our store site.

As we make this announcement, we anticipate many questions about the other two cats, Lin Hu and Likulau. We'd like to take this opportunity to share some stories behind their absence.

Lin Hu and Likulau were our very first plush designs, brought to life in 2019 when we had limited experience in plush making. While the final products were well-received, some design details didn't meet our current standards. For example, they both lack fully removable clothes, a feature now present in all our subsequent plushies. Their accessories were also relatively crude since we hadn't yet established a robust supply chain, and all the work was done at the plush factory.

As the first two designs in our plush line, Lin Hu and Likulau hold great sentimental value to us. We tried our best to make them as perfect as possible at the time, but as we've grown, we know we can do better. We've decided to rework them to ensure their updated designs meet the same quality standards as our other plushies. We know how much you love them, and we want to make them perfect for you.

The idea of reworking them first emerged in early 2022. However, as many of you already know, we faced significant loss and disruptions that year, preventing us from dedicating the necessary resources to the rework. We're now getting back on track, and we can assure you that bringing those two cats back is still part of our plan. We can't provide a specific timeline yet, but we will keep you updated on our progress.

We hope you understand our decision. We apologize for any disappointment caused by the absence of Lin Hu and Likulau, but we believe it will be worth the wait. As always, we appreciate your continued support, which makes all of this possible.


Pawprint Press