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Freight Update June 2024

· 5 min read

The following notice contains updates to existing pre-orders for the Amicus Kigu and/or William Pawb as of June 2024.

Hey everyone,

We're pleased to announce that a shipment is coming to our LA warehouse, carrying both new products and popular restocks. This ship is scheduled to arrive on June 30th. Please find more information below in this update.

What's coming on the Ship?

The majority of the cargo consists of Amicus Kigu. We also have William Pawbs, Amicus Dakimakura, and a new product that we're excited to reveal very soon.

Where is the Ship?

As usual, our freight is travelling on Matson's China - Long Beach Express, the fastest route across the Pacific. The cargo is on the container ship Lurline, currently sailing toward California.

The estimated arrival date is June 30th, and we aim to pick up everything from the port on July 2nd. However, if there's a delay in the customs clearing process, we may have to reschedule for July 5th due to the Independence Day break. We'll ship out all pre-orders on the same day we receive the cargo.

Pre-order updates for this freight shipment.

Amicus Kigu

We expected Amicus Kigu to ship in May, but we encountered some production delays due to the custom-made YKK zippers. Mass production concluded in the first week of June, and we shipped most of the international orders directly from China.

We have fulfilled most of the Large (3XL) size orders and most of the Regular (2XL) size international orders. Please see the chart below to find out when you should expect your order:

Your Shipping DestinationYour Choice of Shipping OptionSizeShipping Schedule
United StatesN/ARegular (2XL)Your order is scheduled to ship on the same day we receive the sea cargo.
United StatesN/ALarge (3XL)Your order has shipped, except under certain special circumstances1.
Non-U.S. DestinationShipping from U.S.AnyYour order is scheduled to ship on the same day we receive the sea cargo.
Non-U.S. DestinationShipping from ChinaAnyYour order has shipped, except for certain destinations2,3.

1Special circumstances include Waiting for Complete order for Shipping and Combining with other orders at the Request of Customers.

2There's a new dimensional weight coefficient being implemented on shipment to certain destinations via our channel. The weight restriction limits the parcel above 2kg while the kigu weighs 2.5kg dimensionally under the new coefficient. We'll reach out to each affected customer and figure out a solution.

3Customers who chose their orders to be shipped to Taiwan from Mainland China must register with EZ WAY, the official declaration tool provided by Taiwanese customs. Customers also need to provide their National ID number, legal name, and registered phone number. We'll reach out to each customer whose order is missing information. For more details, please visit our help page.

William Pawbs

Like Amicus Kigu, we initially expected to ship William Pawbs in May. However, due to the recent contract breach incident, we decided to send them to our facility in China for a thorough inspection before shipping them overseas. This ensures we can hold the manufacturer accountable if any issues arise. Fortunately, the most significant issue we encountered was just a few Will being bald.

We opted to ship pre-orders (except those explicitly required to ship from the U.S.) directly from China to catch our May schedule. During fulfillment, however, we discovered that we were running out of Sam and Nik as most of them are already in LA. Consequently, we had to suspend fulfilling the set-of-three orders and move the remaining Will along with the kigu freight. We still have about half of the pre-orders unfulfilled.

Regarding Restocks

We plan to announce restocks of both the Amicus Kigu and Amicus Dakimakura in the near future, and they may be available at the time of you reading this update. Generally, we prefer to wait until pre-orders have begun shipping before restocking items— however, due to the size of the Amicus Kigu we must make efforts to mitigate warehousing congestion. Additionally, these sales will assist with our previously mentioned financial constraints caused by the delays to our usual plush production. Please be aware that all existing pre-orders will be shipped first, and as soon as possible— new orders will be shipped afterwards.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for these continued delays. We make no small effort to meet our pre-order delivery estimates, but there have always been unexpected troubles of one type or another. While most of these troubles are out of our control, we have taken every misfortune as a lesson and have continued to study ways to make production smoother. We hope every effort counts, and we're incredibly grateful for your patience and support.

Warm regards,

Pawprint Press