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Plush Delay Announcement

· 3 min read

The following notice applies to existing pre-orders for the Axel Plush, Dave Plush, William Plush, & Lyall Plush as of April 2024.


This does not apply to any pre-orders of the William Pawb, from The Smoke Room: Pawbs Series 1, as these have already completed production and are on track for fulfilment. International orders including the William Pawb shipping from China have already been sent out, with other orders to follow in the coming weeks.

Hey everyone,

Today we’d like to discuss a roadblock we’ve encountered with the production of our third-generation plush as well as the steps we’re taking to overcome it.

To put it simply, the manufacturer we contracted to produce these plush broke our contract by refusing to make them. The manufacturer had agreed upon the design specifications and signed our contract prior to receiving any down payment from us.

Of course, we will not sacrifice the quality of the final product due to the manufacturer wishing to cut unreasonable corners. We have a very strict contract in our favour, and we are confident that we will be able to resolve this issue through litigation—with which we have already initiated.

In the meantime, we’ve begun to work with a backup factory, and they have already been producing great results. If everything goes well, we should be able to secure a new home to produce all of our upcoming pre-order plush.

What this means is that the Axel and Dave Plush will be delayed until at least June. The William and Lyall Plush may also become subject to this delay. Provided everything runs smoothly, we should be able to secure a new path forward in the coming weeks to have these pre-orders fulfilled. Rest assured that we remain dedicated to ensuring everyone the plushies they ordered!

We won’t mince words, this really sucks. Delays cost us money in production, staff wages, and lost sales— so we always endeavour to complete production on time. (In this case, even litigation fees are involved) While we’re experienced at navigating the many small production challenges that always crop up, we always strive to keep our customers updated on unforeseen delays and give updated estimates when appropriate.

In the coming weeks, we may release some reserved stock of previously out of stock products and will do our best to keep up on smaller product releases to minimise the effect this delay has on our business.

We also wish to remind people of our pre-order policies:

  • While we appreciate those who are willing to wait, Pawprint Press allows full refunds on all pre-orders, regardless of delays.
  • For those who wish to cancel their pre-order, you can easily do so by clicking the “View Order” button from either your order confirmation email or your account dashboard. You will then find a "Cancel Order" button located on the order detail page. Your money will be automatically refunded to your original channel of payment.
  • If you find difficulty in cancelling your order, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Pawprint Press