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Leather Suspenders Design Improvement

Quick Summary

The mini leather suspenders are a general-use part we designed for our plushies. By the time this notice is posted, we have Spencer and Samuel wearing this part.

Beginning May 2023, all new orders of plushies wearing suspenders will come with a new design of suspenders. The new design has the back strap close to the back of the plush instead of being raised up a little bit.

Any customers who purchased a Spencer Plush or Samuel plush before May 2023 may purchase a new pair of suspenders for $5 plus the shipping charge (click here).

Any customers who were affected by the back strap length issue may also recieve a new pair of suspenders for free. Please visit this page for more information on how to claim your free replacement.


The original design of the suspenders has a backstrap length of 35mm. This length was calibrated to fit Spencer, and it was designed to be a bit longer than the minimal length required to provide a buffer for future plushies. The extra length makes the back strap raised a little bit from the back of the plush, as shown in the photo below:

Spencer Shop Asset

While we didn't receive any serious complaints about the original design, some customers have pointed out that the raise from the back strap can sometimes be a hindrance to the plushies' "huggability". Coincidentally, we experienced a quality issue regarding the back strap length, drawing our attention to the fact that a small change in the strap lengths can have a big impact on how the suspenders look and feel on the plushies.

Thus, we decided to make a change to the design of the suspenders. The new design has a back strap length of 20mm. The shorter length makes the back strap closer to the back of the plush, like in the photo below:

Samuel wearing modified suspenders

Here's a diagram showing the measurements of the new design:

We hope you like the new design of the suspenders and we appreciate all the feedback we've received. Please be sure to let us know if you find anything less than satisfactory about our products so we can find ways to improve.

Also, just like we mentioned, this is a "general-use" design which means we will have more plushies wearing this part in the future. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you'll be notified when they come!