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Amicus Plush Cape Defect


If you placed a new order for an Amicus Plush before April 1, 2023, please read the 2023 Spring Orders section carefully. Please note that these orders were sold as-is and do not qualify for a free replacement cape

Quick Summary

The cape accessory featured in the 2022 production batch of the Amicus Plush is mirrored. This issue happened during the production of Amicus Plush in 2022. We discovered the issue in February 2023.

Is my order affected?

  • If you purchased an Amicus Plush in 2022, your order is affected by this issue.
  • If you purchased an Amicus Plush in 2023 before May 1, 2023, your order is affected by this issue.

What's the effect of the issue?

We consider this issue to be minor and difficult to notice, but still results in a discrepancy between the appearance of the cape and our original design. However, the mirrored cape will still work as intended on both shoulders, albeit fitting slightly better on the right shoulder.

Is there any compensation?

We're offering a free replacement cape to any pre-order customers (order placed in 2022) who would still like to receive a replacement cape. Pre-order customers will also have the option to pay an additional $5.00 to cover shipping costs. Payment is entirely optional, but we would sincerely appreciate the support.

Orders received between Feb 27 and May 1, 2023 were sold as-is. For customers who purchased an Amicus Plush during this period, a replacement cape can also be purchased for $5.00.

How to claim my compensation?

Please directly place the order for the replacement cape on our store. Pre-order customers may also contact us with the request and Order Number for a free replacement cape. We are expecting the replacement capes to be available around April 2023.



Please also refer to our statement released on February 27, 2023 for more details.

The following diagram illustrates how the cape accessory is mirrored:

Due to the nature of the defect, the defect cape works perfectly on the plush's right shoulder instead of the left. A photo below shows the defect cape on the plush's right shoulder:

The defect cape still functions as intended on the plush's left shoulder but it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the original cape.

How did it happen?

To summarise, this mistake occurred due to a design error made by the factory. In the time since 2020, the factory had lost the original Amicus plush reference model and they recreated it without informing us. During this process the cape’s design was mirrored.

Before this batch was put into production, our team reviewed photos of the sample (which was actually the replacement model described above). However, the photos happened to mask the issue with the cape accessory. Because we had previously produced multiple batches with this factory without issue, we had not paid full attention into every detail of the photographed sample expecting the same results as our previous work with them. Due to COVID we were unable to send anyone to inspect the units in-person, and because the reference model was the recreation with the mirrored cape, the factory also failed to flag the issue in their own QA checks.

2023 Spring Orders


The sale was concluded on April 1, 2023.

Due to our limited operational capacity, we released a limited quantity of remaining stock for the Amicus Plush. Please note that these orders were sold as-is, and therefore will include the defective cape accessory described in this notice.

If you have purchased an Amicus Plush between February 1 and April 1, 2023, please note that you may purchase a replacement cape for $5.00. The cape will be shipped separately from the plush, and we expect it to be available around April 2023.

As we have taken down the replacement cape product from our store, please contact us with your order number and we will send you an invoice to purchase the replacement cape.