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Shipping Policy


This is a duplicate of the Shipping Policy hosted on the Pawprint Press Official Store. Please visit this page for the original document, which has legal effect.


Thank you for visiting and shopping with us at Pawprint Press!

By purchasing products from Pawprint Press, you acknowledge and agree to the shipping policy below.

Special Notices

Russo-Ukrainian War Notice

We regret to inform our customers that at this moment, we are unable to make shipments out to Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine due to our couriers having suspended their services to these destinations. We recommend following our Twitter account for the latest information on the logistics regarding the ongoing situation.


Pawprint Press offers shipping to the majority of countries worldwide, with most orders fulfilled from our logistics center in California. To reduce shipping costs, different fulfillment locations may be utilized for international orders.

For some items, shipping from an international location may also be necessary for U.S. orders. Details about these items can be found in the item listing description.

Please visit the "Who is Delivering My Package" page for a detailed guide on for a detailed guide about where to find any special notices in the item listing description.

International customers from select destinations may have the opportunity to choose their order to be shipped from China with a lower shipping charge. Please be sure to read our Shipping-From-China Policy if you choose your order to be shipped from China.

Additionally, please visit the Shipping Charge page to learn more about how we determine the best fulfillment location for orders going to different destinations.


Customers in the EU and certain states of the United States will have a Value-Added Tax or Sales Tax applied at checkout, with rates varying depending on the destination. Orders from other countries or regions may also be subject to customs duties.

Please also visit the Customs Duty page, as well as our Sales Tax and VAT page for a detailed explanation.

Customs Notice

All orders placed with Pawprint Press must include a valid phone number for the recipient in order to be processed. A valid phone number is necessary should any issues arise during shipping or customs inspection. Failure to include a valid phone number when the order is placed may result in your order being returned, delayed, or lost.

If you need to make changes to your primary phone number before your order is shipped, please adjust your contact information using the “View your order” link in your order confirmation email.

Orders bound for destinations outside of the United States may be subject to import regulations of the destination country. We recommend consulting your national import regulatory agency for information regarding import rules and restrictions. In rare cases, orders may require the recipient's intervention for the shipment to progress through customs inspection.

Address Format

Please try keeping the street address under 45 characters. Use two lines if necessary and each line should be under 45 characters.

Unless specified in the Address Format Requirements, we request that customers use only Latin characters in the shipping address, including the recipient name. Some of our couriers may not be able to process the addresses containing special characters, and this in turn may cause delays in processing your order.

For all international customers, please be sure to check our Address Format Requirements before placing your order. Your order could get lost if you're not following the requirements.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and will vary based on the destination country, parcel weight, and dimensional weight. Parcel weight includes the combined weight of the items included in the parcel, as well as any required packing materials. Dimensional weight is calculated based on the size of the packaging necessary for your order.

Orders containing multiple items, especially international orders, may have considerably high shipping costs due to the dimensional weight. We recommend customers try splitting purchases into separate orders as this may help lower the total cost.

Pawprint Press will choose the most appropriate packing materials for your order to ensure items will arrive at their destination safely.

Please visit the Shipping Charge page to know more about how do we calculate and apply shipping charges, as well as our efforts to reduce shipping costs for our customers.

Processing and Shipping Times

The estimated shipping times will be displayed at checkout, and shipping times will vary by destination. Please bear in mind that items shipped from outside our main fulfillment center in California may take longer to process and deliver.

Pawprint Press will provide a tracking number when your order is shipped, along with information on how to track your order with the relevant shipping carriers.

Who is Delivering My Package?

Parcels may be transferred among different couriers before reaching the final destination, especially when shipping internationally.

Please visit the "Who is Delivering My Package" page for a detailed guide, as it can be confusing at times to figure out who currently has possession of your package.


Logistic errors happen often, and we’re glad to offer reshipments if for some reason the courier fails to deliver. Please contact us to have an order reshipped under the following circumstances:

  • For domestic orders within the contiguous U.S. (shipped from one of our locations in the U.S. to a U.S. address, not including AK, HI, PR, and minor outlying islands). Please contact us if the tracking record stops updating for 7 days without delivery.
  • For all other orders, please contact us if the tracking record stops updating for 14 days without delivery.
  • If, by tracking record, your order was delivered to a location that is clearly different from the shipping address you have on your order.

We also recommend contacting the terminal courier transporting the order before reaching out to us as they may have more information regarding the delivery. Please read the “Who is delivering my package?” page for more details on finding the courier handling your package.

Please note that we can only offer a reshipment if the stock allows. If you have entered your address incorrectly, we will need to charge for shipping again to reship. We will offer a refund—including associated shipping charges—for items out of stock.