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Product Specified FAQ

“Scratches” on my acrylic item?

All of our acrylic items (keychains, stands, etc) have a protective layer of film on them to prevent damage during shipping.

If you don’t take this film off, you may have the appearance of nicks and scratches on your product. Use your fingernail or a flat edge, and gently peel the film off. You will find them to be looking shinny!

Where can I get a pillow insert to fit the 180x60cm dakimakura?

You may now order 180cm pillow inserts from Pawprint Press. Our pillow insert ships within the contiguous U.S. with free shipping.

54x20" is a common size for pillow inserts in the U.S. You may purchase one from most bedding stores. They're commonly seen on Amazon too.

Alternatively, you may search dakimakura-specific websites for the proper insert sizes. We’ve prepared a list of potential options for you to purchase your own. Of course, we can't personally vouch for each of these since we haven't tried them all ourselves, so be sure to check customer reviews for the sites in case you buy one!