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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection for Our Products

We aim to prioritize the safety and protection of our products as to avoid damaged goods upon receipt, and as such, we've implemented several measures to ensure that all the goods we ship are well-protected during transit.

Our Protective Measures

We take the safety of our products seriously, meaning there is substantial effort into ensuring that our products reach our customers in the best possible condition. To this end, we try our best to procure and use high-quality packaging materials, including double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes and plenty of duct tape.

Over-Packaging Concerns

Some customers may find that our shipments to be over-packaged; however, this is not the case. We utilize unified outer packaging on many of our products, and they are all packed in accordance with international shipping standards.

Environmental Considerations

Our packaging is not labeled as "environmentally friendly" pacakging due to the usage of tape. We want to be able to provide our customers with the guarantee that their orders will arrive safely, and paper tape typically won't hold in through potential rough treatments in transit.