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Shipping Charge

We're committed to making the shipping process as easy and efficient as possible for our customers, and on this page, you’ll find details explaining some of the factors that go into the shipping costs seen at checkout. We recommend reading through this page if you have any questions on how our shipping costs are calculated.

Optimized Logistics

We understand that shipping prices can be a cause for concern for our customers, so we’ve put significant effort into optimizing our logistics for lower shipping charges. This includes setting up multiple fulfillment locations to better reach the majority of our customers. We also select couriers that fit best with our goals in offering low-cost shipping without compromising safety or quality service.

Global Logistics

We're happy to offer worldwide shipping options to the majority of countries and regions, but it's also important to keep in mind that shipping costs can vary widely depending on the distance and location of your destination. We do our best to provide competitive shipping rates, but please be mindful that it can be expensive to ship overseas!

Product Size

Some of our products, especially our line of plush products, have shipping costs calculated by dimensional weight on international air freight. Couriers utilize this method of cost calculation as larger items tend to take up more space and require more resources to ship safely. While we've made every effort to reduce shipping costs using sturdy boxes and efficient packing, it’s expected for larger items to be more expensive to ship than smaller items.

The dimensial weight is also the reason why our plush products are packed simply while many of our smaller items have fine packaging. We apologize if you're expecting a fancy unboxing experience with our plush products, but we hope you understand that we're trying to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our customers. Plus, it's less waste for the environment!