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Collab With Us!

Welcome to Pawprint Press!

We’re always in search of creators to collaborate with, and we’d love to bring your ideas to life! On this page, you’ll find information relevant to licensing and partnership, and much of the material is open for discussion!

If you’re interested in working with us to create merchandise, please give this page a read, and feel free to write to us at at any time. We look forward to meeting you!

What does Pawprint Press sell?

Pawprint Press designs, produces, and distributes quality merchandise primarily aimed at the furry/kemono community. We’re particularly specialized in producing licensed merchandise associated with—but not limited to—video game titles.

What does Furry/Kemono mean?

If you’ve arrived at this page, you shouldn’t be too unfamiliar with this! But for those who have reached us and aren’t aware, we’d like to first thank you for your interest! We recommend reading the Wikipedia entry for a comprehensive explanation behind what Furry/Kemono culture is (or the WikiFur entry for a more colloquial interpretation), and we hope you enjoy your stay in the community!

Can I work with Pawprint Press if my works aren’t in the Furry/Kemono community?

As long as there are fluffy beastmen! Realistically speaking, we serve a rather niche market, so we generally expect our products to suit the overall theme of Furry/Kemono. Despite this outlook, we’d be happy to work with anyone who has plans to bring quality products to life. Even if circumstances don’t allow Pawprint Press to publish and sell the product, we’d still be happy to assist in facilitating the production and distribution process for you!

What if my works are associated with humans or non-anthro characters?

That shouldn’t pose any issue since we’re all humans, too! Many titles we’ve licensed in the past have humans as main characters, and we’ve also released products featuring humans as well. Outside of humans, if your works depict animals or fantasy species/races, we’d be happy to accommodate you, too!

What types of merchandise does Pawprint Press sell?

Feel free to take a look around our store site to see what we currently have on sale. Do keep in mind that we’re open to any suggestions you may have as well! In fact, many of our products were created from our partners' proposals, and they’ve turned out great. When working with us, be sure to share any ideas with us regardless of originality! We love a challenge.

How can I work with Pawprint Press?

You can send us an email with who you are and what ideas you have, and we’ll get back to you on how we can best make things happen. In general, we would be producing the merchandise under a licensing agreement. The following couple of questions should address some of the more common concerns.

Do I need to pay at all?

We offer free consultations and free prototyping (as long as it doesn’t break the bank!) of your products. No fees or payments are required in the entire process. Once we list your completed product for sale, you’ll be receiving royalties (amount varies by product) for each unit sold.

Can I collaborate with others while working with Pawprint Press?

Of course! You’ll be able to create partnerships with any other parties unless, for some reason, Pawprint Press acquires exclusive licensing rights to your title or brand (which has never happened before). Pawprint Press will, however, request exclusivity over any products produced by us, meaning a third party won’t be able to manufacture and sell the same product design within the agreed licensing period even if you own the design. This will be further clarified on the license agreement when beginning the collaboration with us. If you have any concerns about this particular topic, we ask that you discuss with us as early on into the process as possible.

If you’re already working with another party to produce merchandise, we suggest ensuring that the agreement or contract with them does not prevent you from working with us.

What if I don’t want to begin production after prototyping?

That would be very unfortunate news, but we will honor your decision as long as mass production hasn’t begun. Before committing to production, you won’t be obligated to make any decisions, and you have full control over whether you want to proceed or not.

Any assets and proposals provided by you will still belong to you, and designs created by us at Pawprint Press will belong to Pawprint Press. Any samples received during the prototyping process may be kept, and Pawprint Press will not use any intellectual properties without your permission.

I don’t live in the U.S., is that okay?

That’s fine! We work with creators from around the world, and our team at Pawprint Press is an international team as well. Since we’re based and incorporated in in the U.S., royalties to certain regions may be subject to withholding taxes. We’ll get into the details when we begin our collab efforts, but for now, we recommend reading through this site for more information on your withholding tax rate(s).

How much control do I have over my products?

Pawprint Press follows common practices for licensors (like you!) to maintain as much control as possible on their products. Check out some of the more frequent questions asked about this below!

Do I have the final say on the product?

You’ll definitely have the final say on both the product as well as the packaging for it! If you’re satisfied with the prototype, we’ll have you sign a proper licensing form specifying the product details. Before signing, you can take the time to carefully review the document, and once signed, we’ll move onto production, followed by selling the product.

What if I don’t want to sell in some regions or only want to sell in some regions?

Pawprint Press serves a global audience, and as such, we do our best to provide shipping services globally. In rare cases, some licensors may choose to disable shipping to certain destinations, usually due to regional exclusivity agreements with a third party. We’d be happy to help iron out any details in this regard, and we’re always open to discussion if you have stricter requirements over exclusive distribution.

Does Pawprint Press publish product details in other languages?

Although we have customers around the world, our store is currently only available in English. This is mostly due to the fact that we currently don’t have enough resources to facilitate our customer services in multiple languages. We do, however, franchise in other countries, and products listed will have promotional assets localized. In these cases, we’ll only be translating special terminology or concepts from your title/brand per your approval. You may also further request that all assets localized into another language be subject to your approval before signing the licensing form.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page! We’ve covered a number of topics that should clear up some questions or confusion in our potential collab, but if you have any other concerns not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us at at any time!