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Legacy Products

We pride ourselves on offering unique, high-quality products. It's with this dedication to quality and uniqueness that we occasionally choose to retire some of our products, not as an end, but rather the beginning of something even more exceptional. In this article, we'd want to talk about legacy products and what you can expect us to do with them.

Why Does A Product Becomes Legacy?

A legacy product is one that has either been discontinued or is slated for discontinuation in the near future. No decision to phase out a product is taken lightly, and one common reason across the business landscape is cost versus sales.

However, as you may have already discovered, we at Pawprint Press are not your typical business. Many of our decisions do not necessarily align with conventional commercial logic. We rarely retire a product purely for financial reasons, so if you see a product marked as legacy at Pawprint Press, it often means that we are paving the way for something new. We are constantly improving ourselves, and by the time we're ready to elevate a product to the next level, we'll introduce a new version and mark the older one as legacy.

Design Updates vs. Minor Improvements

We like to define our product 2.0 as an evolution—a design update that takes the essence of the original and elevates it to a new level. It's important to distinguish between a full design update and minor improvements. If we're making small tweaks or corrections, you won't see a product become legacy; we'll simply list these updates in our design improvement section. Only significant transformations that signify a shift in our product's journey merit the legacy title.

The Legacy Phase

We usually keep legacy prducts on our storefront rather than taking their listings off. This is the best way for us to showcase them and allows customers to conveniently compare the legacy product with its updated version.

Occasionally, you might find that we still offer legacy products for sale before the newer version is released. These opportunities are clearly marked to ensure transparency for our customers. If you're someone who's been eyeing a particular item, this could be your last chance to add it to your collection before it undergoes its transformation. Alternatively, you can always choose to wait for the fresh new update that's on the horizon.