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About Pawel


Hello! I'm Pawel, the mascot of Pawprint Press and the Discord bot for our official server. On this page, you'll find some frequently asked questions about me, which our team will update from time to time.

As a Discord bot, my primary job is to help customers look up their orders and relay their messages to our support team. Feel free to find me in our Discord server if there's anything I can help you with!

How should I pronounce your name?

My name comes from the Polish name Paweł, which is pronounced as /ˈpa.vɛw/ ("Pah-vell"). You can also just pronounce it as "Paul" since it's basically the same name in English.

The team gave me this name because it begins with "Paw" xD

Why are you a bear?

I was originally a mascot appearing in the store's shipping policy. I'm a bear because I represented our warehouse in California, and the grizzly bear is a well-known icon of the state.

I also had two colleagues during that time: a Siberian weasel representing our warehouse in China and a Shiba Inu representing our warehouse in Japan. However, we were all removed from the shipping policy page in 2021 since we had to close the other two warehouses due to the pandemic.

Pawprint Mascot of China and Japan

I'm not very satisfied with our current product portfolio since I feel like bears are underrepresented. Please buy more bear products to bring it to the team's attention!

Why the mascot of China is a Siberian weasel?

The team thought it would be overwhelmingly lame to have a panda as a mascot of China (which I believe you would agree). So we decided to go with a Siberian weasel, an iconic animal in Northeastern China, where some of our team members are from.

I know you're about to ask about the "Siberian" part, but that's just how the species is called in English! In fact, Siberian weasels inhabit most parts of China and are considered to be a spiritual animal in folklore. Although the "Siberian" in their name gives an impression that they're northern animals, they're actually found in southern regions as far as Thailand.

Isn't Shiba Inu lame as a Japanese mascot?

Well, I guess the team couldn't think of anything better at the time. Japan has bears too, but clearly, I was already taken.

I love to see him back, though! We're looking for a franchisee in Japan at this point, so if you're interested, please contact us!

I think I saw you before but you wear differently?

Well this is what I looked like in the shipping policy page:

Pawel in California Shirt

The team decided to remove the texts from my design since I'm now representing Pawprint Press, not just a warehouse. But we're still in California! We're not leaving!

Also, it looks a bit corny to have "California, USA" written on my chest. I'm not a tourist attraction!

The reason the team decided to put texts on our shirts is because somebody said that the color scheme of my shirt looks more like Pawprint Press Canada. To be honest I think it's intentional since the file name of my initial design is "pppca.png" instead of "pppus.png".

I know what you're going to ask. No, you don't want to see me wearing stars and stripes.