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Customs Duty

  • Please read this article carefully if your order is being shipped to an international destination.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to be familiar with the importation policies of their respective locations. Pawprint Press is not responsible for any customs duty charged by local authorities.

  • By placing an order with Pawprint Press, you agree to allow Pawprint Press to appoint the most appropriate courier, based on the shipping preference you select at checkout, to deliver your order. This courier may charge a brokerage fee if they need to clear customs on your behalf. By completing your purchase, you agree to pay any such fees that may apply.

  • Customers from the European Union should also read the information about VAT and IOSS.

De Minimis Value (Duty-Free Threshold)

De Minimis Value refers to the threshold below which no customs duty and taxes are charged on imported goods. This threshold varies from country to country and is set by the customs authority. It essentially represents the maximum value of a shipment that can enter the country duty-free and, in some cases, tax-free.

For consumers, it means that if the value of their purchase, sometimes including shipping and insurance (depending on the destination country), is below this set threshold, they will not be charged any additional customs duty upon arrival in their country.

The International Trade Administration of the United States has a quick look-up chart on their website providing De Minimis value and conditions of most countries adapting this rule. This is the most authoritative source we have found, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy as regulations may change. We strongly advise international customers to confirm with their local authorities.

Please do not ask us to declare a lower value for your order, as this is illegal. Please understand that we are taking the best approach to minimize your customs duty. You have more influence than us over the legislation in your country. Please use your vote if the local customs practices are unfavorable.

Service Fee by the Courier

Some couriers may apply a brokerage fee for clearing your parcel through customs. Most couriers we work with only charge this fee if they need to pay customs duty on your behalf (this may happen if your order value exceeds the De Minimis Value).

Many couriers offer an online payment option for customs duties, and the brokerage fee may be waived in this case. The notification link is usually sent via email or text message, so please provide a valid email address and phone number when placing your order.

Some couriers also allow recipients to clear customs themselves, in which case no brokerage fee is charged. However, you should familiarize yourself with local policies before choosing this option, as the process varies by country—ranging from a simple post office visit to a nearly impossible task.

Please note that couriers may only offer the services mentioned above for selected destinations, and their policies may change without prior notice. There is no guarantee that you can use any of these services.

Customs Duty by Error

There are rare cases where a customer may be charged customs duty due to an incorrect declaration from the sender's end, often resulting from a system error in data transmission by the courier. In such cases, it is our responsibility, and we will compensate for your loss. Please contact us if you have solid evidence of being overcharged by customs due to an incorrect declaration.

There are also cases where customs may miscalculate the duty, usually due to incorrect merchandise categorization. In this scenario, you may appeal with the invoice and store page. We are happy to provide necessary information if needed, but we cannot resolve the issue on your behalf.